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Vault Vision Interactive Sandbox
This generic application is built to show you the features of the Vault Vision authentication platform and how it performs user authentication and user management. Explore features like creating new user accounts, login/logout as different users, upload your logo, block and reset users, AND get a feel for how much development time you save.
Take Vault Vision for a test drive in this interactive development sandbox
The development sandbox is made up of 2 components
This Sandbox
(where you are now)

Auth Provider
(by Vault Vision)

(production instances use your domains)
Explore signing up new user accounts below, try types of credentials like passwords and OAuth social identities.
Explore different logins below, use different accounts and different methods like: password, passkey(NEW), and social identies like Google or Microsoft.
Logout to switch between acccounts and to see the differences between the view of a logged in user vs a logged out user.
User Settings
On your settings page you can update your name, email and password. You can also add more login options like passkeys, FIDO token, and multiple social identities. Multiple credential types can be tied to a single account.
Custom Logo
Customize your login and signup screens with your own logo for more brand awareness. Once uploaded, it will show up here and on your login pages.
User Management
See all your users, create new users, delete or block problem users, or help reset a credential for a user that has lost their's.
See daily metrics like counts of new user signups, number of successful logins and failed logins.
Create a 2nd application
Add another application that your existing users can access, maybe a new mobile app or website. Our platform makes it easy to add multiple applications for a single user base.
Create a new tenant on your branded domain
Create a new tenant with a new user store. Organize different sets of users into their separate tenants. This feature allows you to maintain separate sets of users for different applications.
Share this sandbox with a co-worker or manager
This sandbox is available for anyone you want to share with, use the URL below to share with others. Very useful to help show what integrating with the Vault Vision platform would be like. They can create users and perform logins on this sandbox as if it were your real application.